HIV prevention begins with
knowing your status.

If you are 13 or older, you should be tested for HIV at least once a year. But...if you've had sex with more than 1 person in the last year, you should probably test more often more like every 3 months.

HIMM hopes to make HIV testing among men just as routine as getting a haircut or an oil change. Many new HIV infections come from someone who doesn't know they are HIV[+].  Making sure you, your friends, and your sexual partners are #Tested regularly can change that.

Don't let the fear of the test result stop you from getting #Tested. If the test is positive, you can begin to take control of your health by getting connected to HIV treatment.  Know your status and take control.                                                                                                    

The Testing Process

INSTI Rapid HIV Test

Getting #Tested is FREE, quick, easy, and completely confidential!

No insurance or ID needed

In most cases, the test only requires a few drops of blood from a fingertip, and you will have results in 1-20 minutes, depending on which type of test best fits your circumstances.

Click the video on the left to see how easy it is to get #Tested!

FREE Mobile HIV Testing

HIMM can bring testing to you when and where it is convenient and comfortable for you anywhere in the KC Metro.  We can do testing in a coffee shop, a library, or even your living room.

To request mobile testing or for more information, text 816.663.9842
send us a Facebook message,  or click below.

FREE Walk-In HIV, Hepatitis C,
& Syphilis Testing

@ 3515 Broadway

Monday—Wednesday:  9:00a to 7:30p
Thursday:  9:00a to 5:00p
Friday:  9:00a to 2:00p




@ 2340 E Meyer Suite 200

Thursday:  1:00p to 4:00p


Testing at Missie B's - Every 2nd Sunday

Monthly Bar HIV Testing Nights

  • "Bear Bust" @ Hamburger Mary's
    • 1st Saturday or every month: 9p-1a
      • No testing the 1st Saturday in June (Pride)
      • No testing the 1st Saturday in September (Labor Day Weekend)
  • Missie B's
    • 2nd Sunday of every month: 9p - 1a

You are not alone.

What if the test is positive?

*coming soon*